For those Marvel and Invicta fans, The Invicta Captain Marvel

I really liked this one, so I decided to make it. Now introducing the Invicta Captain Marvel. I had to take a few creative liberties with the hands, and I added an animated background(noise layer with second rotation) which is still stock compatible. Minor issue, I have 2 noise layers, one going clockwise, the other going counterclockwise. With the KW graphics engine, only one layer shows. Fortunately, it works fine in UL. X-Series version works fine in both stock and UL. Anyways, Here it is:

**Credits to: Invicta Watches and Marvel for the character and the inspiration.


KW Engine (Note: Use UL for full effect )
KW Engine(Kingwear, Lemfo, etc.)

X-Series Engine
X-Series Engine (Finow and Similar)

Hope Y’all like it!