For all the rock lovers over here i have made the:

For all the rock lovers over here i have made the:
Raymond Weil AC/DC Freelancer Limited Edition.

All credits to:


Very successful work. Already installed. FINOW X5 AIR has the best impression. Thank you my friend.
P.S. Speaking of the topic of Rock. There are quite a few fans of Deep Purple and I among them …

@Sher_Akiloff Thx!!
And i have looked but I can not find an original watch from Deep Purple
and with original i mean not a watch with just a picture on the background.
So if you find one let me know and i will see what i can do.

You’re right. It was not yet possible to find the brand (original) watchface from Deep Purple. I had to do it in 5 minutes from what was “at hand”. Trash of course. We need to come up with a concept, an idea … In any case, you will have to use either an album cover, or a photo of the band members, or other symbols by Deep Purple. In this case, would like to have an informative, into relief and cool watchface.

@Sher_Akiloff What do you think about this one?

missing/deleted image from Google+

Stylish.Everything is very worthy. A small place in the top is empty and it “catches the eye”. You can stick a hemisphere with a scale there here, for example.
Or icon-logo DP as in the photo.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Sher_Akiloff I added a weekday bar
a logo was a bit messy.

missing/deleted image from Google+

Well done!
That’s great!
Happened.I like
We are waiting for a link to download.

@Sher_Akiloff thanks!!
the watchface is now online!!

Could design the Rolling Stones for watch skin ?