For +Alex Lex...

For +Alex Lex…

Thx u andrew but i have one question do you change the color in the middle for blue and red pls :slight_smile: or do one something like this i donate you if u do it pls
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Alex_Lex Try this in claret and blue :slight_smile:



Andrew Davis could do a asi of the sport of the coruña for nº1 d6 ?, would be very grateful since it is very beautiful and if it has what remains of battery would already be incredible. I feel to be so caught

@Juan_folgar Hi JF… what shape is a D6?

In the watch above… the battery level is the dial above the date window :slight_smile:

The no.1 D6 is square equal to that dial. But I wanted an equal but of the sport of the coruña not of the barcelona. Thank you

@Juan_folgar Square… hmmm…

Face is square just like that but I wanted it from the sportswoman in La Coruña. Sorry for the translation of Google since I am Spanish and I do not know English. Thank you