Following SmartWatch Ticks post,

Following @SmartWatch_Ticks post, I’ve decided to quickly build a tool to allow me to browse/view his indexes, and/or my ClockSkin folders.

“Clock Skin Browser” (the tool) requires Java 8 to be installed to be able to run, but it does run on Windows and Linux (my main OS). It should also run on OS X, but I’ve not tested it.

When you run it, you can select a folder, and all the clock skins found on that folder (or SmartWatch Ticks’s indexes) will be listed. Everytime you select an ClockSkin in the list, a watch preview is shown. In reality, the tool only shows clock_skin_model.png files or, in case of an index folder, the first png file in the folder.

If an index folder is selected (represented by a [DOWNLOAD] suffix), the corresponding link to the original post (again, as indexed by SmartWatch Ticks) is presented on top. Clicking on it will open the browser on that post.

I’m a late arrival to this group. Heck, I don’t even have an “Android Smartwatch”! I only have an Android Wear (LG Watch R), and as such I had to develop my own watchface engine to be able to use ClockSkin faces on my watch… But because I’m a late arrival, I’m specially grateful to SmartWatch Ticks for his efforts, and of course, to this amazing community for their designs.

I hope you enjoy this Clock Skin Browser.

@Marco_Ferreira ​ hey man.
Thank you very much :+1:

Very good job, congratulations!
We are always glad to see active members in this community which contribute to enlarge the horizons and to actually help all the others to have an always better experience with their Android smartwatches.

In order not to loose this work, you should post on the technical forum :

@Eric_Crochemore absolutely agree. @Marco_Ferreira would you be ok with that?

Great tool to view our almost infinite collection of clock skins… Excellent idea and thank you for sharing.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 @Eric_Crochemore - Yes. Right now I can’t do it, but I’ll post there later today.

Ok, I’ve added it to the forum.

@Marco_Ferreira great !

@Marco_Ferreira thanks very much

Excellent work - very helpful tool. Thanks!

Thank you. Glad it runs on Linux!

@Aleksandar_be_togeth Since you have already java installed, windows should be already configured to run the .jar file with a simple double-click. If it does not work, try the “open with” in the context menu (right-click on the .jar file) and select “Java™ Platform SE binary”. It should run without any problems.