Floating toucher

Is there a way to make floating toucher’s menu bigger? Sometimes it’s hard to see it (especialy when i am out in the daylight). In some videos of @SmartWatch_Ticks, the display looks bigger than the one at my watch…

I had the same experience with floating toucher. I solved the problem by switching to Smart Touch Pro. The icons are larger, in color and you can adjust the background effect to make them even clearer. The only down side is some of the additional options with floating toucher are not available. But if you just want to be able to quickly access apps the STPro is a big improvement.


Thanks, i’ll give it a try!

Hi all.

Having trouble with Floating Toucher on Lem15. After installing it does not work, is there a compatibility issue with Android 10? It worked well with the Genesis I had.

Smart Touch Pro- once the “button” disappears from the screen, I can never find a way to bring it back whether I go into square or circle mode. I have even tried force stopping the app and reopen, no luck.

Any other alternative app will be greatly appreciated. The watch is beautiful and I want to use the buttons as little as possible.

Have you made sure its not optimized and has unlimited data access ? Also you may need to allow " display over other apps " .

Turn off in battery saver

I think the app is going to sleep

Thanks for the tips. All necessary permissions granted, the icon shows up on the watch but click it does nothing.

As for Smart Touch Pro, it works fine, but if the circle disappears I can’t seem to drag is back. On Genesis, I would just change to square mode and drag it back from one of the corners or sides.

In smart touch pro, when the circle disappears, I open the app and temporarily increase the size of the circle in settings, move it back to position and move on. Alternatively, you can try and make the circle bigger so it will appear in square mode. Hope that helps.


You’re a legend mate!

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Floating toucher never work on my LEM14 stock firmware, but work flawless with FAW firmware.

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