flashing the Rom on prime 2 smartwatch

Can I reinstall programs and try again?

What programs?

You only install drivers and click on the exe file inside the flash tool…

The folder you have extracted the firmware to… Must NOT have any spaces in the name of the file

Installed auto driver than run flash tool loaded mt6765 scatter file than changed download to firmware upgrade clicked on download than connected watch to pc

Looks like spaces in the folder name.

Just extract the firmware to a new folder called FIRMWARE

It’s that quick when you do it properly

Sorry for the crappy video but I’m busy

Is it ok that I extracted with winrar?

It does not matter.
7zip actually… But either is fine.

Your problem is the folder name first up.

But wait… I think I said that already :joy:

Seriously though, I can’t invest any more time on this…
There are literally around 100 videos on the Web about this…
Let alone the one on our channel…

Good luck :+1:

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Just 1 thing and I wont disturb are you talking about KP2 upgrade files?


YAY worked

WTF this system works so fast


Congratulations - glad to hear it :+1:

Me too… :+1::wink:

i think we all are… :wink:

I was suprised process was so easy to do I just change folder name and ir’s worked

I am just curious
As you upgraded long time ago can you tell what improvment does watch get?

1 thing suprised me.I didn’t see software update option

Ahhh… the simple life

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Read this

I’m surprised by lots of things i read on here . I wouldnt worry about it