Flash the dm100 with the ticwris max firmware

Can someone explain to me how to flash my dm100 with the tricwris Max firmware

smartwatch tics has youtube video off where too go.i am still looking.

dm100 same as lemt and tic wris max.


i cant figuar this thing out

which part of the process are you having problems with?

I cant seem to find the ticwris max firmware anywhere.Been looking all day lol.

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Here is the latest (?):

And flasher, driver: https://www.kospet.com/rom/MAX%20Flash%20tool.zip

Ok so anxious to try this being that I have the dm100, I followed the steps downloading everything I needed and doing the procedure. My problem is the watch now is stick at the logo screen. I probably shouldn’t have but I even tried reflashing the device using the “Format All + Download” option. Still same result. Perhaps someone has some insight to helping me resolve this. Thanks in advance to whomever can assist!

There’s several models of this watch, try another firmware.

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