Fixed my Lokmat X360 power button (Thor / Janus)

Inspired by @xvci96 in this topic and relating to the general crappiness of power buttons on these watches discussed in this topic, I decided to spend more time on fixing my Lokmat X360 power button, and it worked.

As I’ve mentioned, three out of my four watches have this issue (mine are from Zeblaze, Lokmat, and Kospet, though I also have one additional working Kospet; Janus by KronosBlade is basically the Lokmat X360).

Of course I won’t take responsibility for you invalidating your warranty, but here’s what I did. I found the ribbon cable leading from the battery to the power button “circuit clicker”, loosened the screws that hold the whole assembly down, and carefully wiggled the assembly upwards a bit. That gave me enough room to use a small pin to even more CAREFULLY pull the ribbon cable with the power button on the end of it out of the slot where it sits pressing up against the physical button itself.

Then I carefully peeled off the metal/white power button “circuit clicker” sticker. I did the exact same to the back button on the same watch for comparison, and also to the power button on my nonfunctional Zeblaze (additional to power button, its cell antenna doesn’t work).

Hopefully you can see the result below - look how much better the back button is than the power button! Under the circuit clicker sticker, there was corrosion on both the Zeblaze and Lokmat just as I had expected. I cleaned it very well with alcohol and also I took a pin and carefully scraped the round area between the center contact and the outer contact - if there is anything conductive in there, it will always complete the circuit and cause reboot loops or worse. And if there is too much corrosion, the circuit won’t complete at all and you’ll get no response.
And of course if the ribbon cable or circuit clicker/sticker is out of alignment, the physical button won’t make contact.
In my mind this also explains the issue with moisture short-circuiting these power buttons - if the sticker is loose or misplaced, moisture easily gets into the actual circuit.

Again, don’t take chances if you have a working watch, but maybe, just maybe, at least one more of you will be able to fix a watch with a nonfunctional power button.


@jayinatlanta Hi, although I don’t own any of the watches you mentioned…many others on this forum do and if they find themselves with a similar problem to yours…hopefully they can use this very detailed description to get a non functioning watch up & running again. Even if you don’t have the same brand of watch, this post may point you in the right direction if you h ave a similar problem. Anyway I wanted to thank you for your post, because it is members like yourself…who take the time and trouble to make posts on their experiences in overcoming various watch issues…who help make the forum a better place for all of us who want to share experiences and knowledge. Cheers, Doons.


@jayinatlanta Congrats! You really outdid yourself this time. Though i’m merely an inspiration but glad to be a spark to make these repairs possible. But this should not be a thing that a smartwatch with example KOSPET Hope 3g with that price tag not fail on a 3month usage. These smartwatch manufacturers must get their acts together. Anyways, before i rant too much am just gonna end here…Kudos to you @jayinatlanta and to the community! sorry for the burst :wink:

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can this work with optimus2

sr a video will do a great help

No . Sorry it wont . If you optimus 2 button has failed it will need to be returned

they will take 2 months for the replacement and waited so long for the watch i cannot stay single minute without the watch.

What makes you think two months ?

when i ordered the watch i got the package after 20 days

if i send the watch for the replacement it will take around 20 days to reach there, after that the company send the replacement which will take another 20 days to reach my place.

And for the shipment i have to spend another 20dollar.

which company watches have good button quality