Fitbit Mobiletrack

Has anyone had any luck getting Fitbit Mobiletrack to work properly on any of these watches?

I have moved to the LEM14 from a Fitbit Versa 1 and overall as a tinkerer I love the device, but Fitbit Mobiletrack seems to be extremely tempramental - I have to reinstall and re-add the mobile tracker several times to get it to work and then after the date changes the new day shows the old day’s steps until I repeat the clearing process again.

I feel like it’s either an inherent bug in the Fitbit app or maybe a bug with the physical activity tracking / battery optimization on the watch firmware.

Note that I am using the FAW firmware (although this issue existed prior) and have turned OFF battery optimization for the Fitbit app itself.

I really only need this for Fitbit Challenges, which unfortunately cannot use steps synced from other apps - it has to be either coming from a Fitbit device or mobiletrack :frowning_face:

Have you tried in settings making sure the app is " not optimized " and has " unlimited data access " ?

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Yes, unfortunately the issue with this app persists with those settings enabled. Once I get it working, it runs fine with the screen off all day until the date rolls over. Very strange :frowning_face: