First use thor 4 pro

I just bought a smartwatch thor pro 4 in the free market in Mexico, the case is that today, September 26, I received it and I did not turn it on, so I proceeded to charge and I notice that after a few hours it still does not turn on I do not know if can someone give me some recommendation to see what can happen

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Hi . You try a few things -

Clean the charger pins on charger and watch
Try a different charger
Open up watch CAREFULLY and see if battery connected
See if anything happens if u connect to a pc then flash firmware

Best of luck :+1:

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Hello Dr…hope everything is going fine and safe…I’m from India by the way…I had issue with screen on my watch "zeblaze thor 4 pro 4g"plz hlp me with it…! had dark ink dot on left corner of the screen… Can u hlp me with fixing it…:heart:

The LCD bleed on your screen means you need a replacement.

Zeblaze is not one of the brand names that we work with. So we don’t officially support Zeblaze watches. They do not want to work with us so their customers have to deal with them directly.

If you have not had the watch for long then you should try to return it to the place where you bought it.

These screens are bonded to the touch panels and the Watch body. They are not a user replaceable part.

If you are going to try and replace it then Aliexpress store is a place where you might be able to find a screen. However I have not heard of anyone who has managed to replace the screen without permanent damage to the watch.

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