First test of a working custom watchface framework.

If there are no custom clockface apps for the KW88 (and 5.1 friends), you have to build them yourself.

Continuing on my method to have a stand alone watchface app on any custom launcher, I’ve started building my own framework for custom watchfaces.

In the video below, you can see that on power, the clockface comes on. Pressing power again, returns to the default desktop page of the selected Launcher.
Double tapping the desktop returns to the watchface.

Interesting things about the watchface:
Double second hands (left and right propellors)
In the bottom in the LCD the dayname (abr.) day and month (abr) are shown (with shadow!!!)
There’s is no noticeable lag on the watch.
Power consumption has to be tested at a later date. The script is not optimized yet and very sloppy 1th draft.

The app needs Tasker support to start @ display=ON
Also the app has no Tasker API. I’m looking into that.

Here’s the apk to download and test on your watch.
APK link: V22 Osprey Daytime APK

Currently it’s build for KW88 in mind, because of it’s 400x400 display.
I need to install it on my IQI I2 to see what happens if the watch has a lower resolution and what I will do to autodetect this. (which is possible)

Al things said; with this app it’s possible to quicly convert any android Wear watchface. It does support mutiplewatchscreens and menu’s (later)
I could also build an option that multiple watchfaces can be integrated.
My next first implementation will be night/daymode watchface automation.

Looking forward to your comments!

Sorry for the fiddling with the power button, but it’s broken and needs to be replaced.

And here’s my test of the NIGHversion of the V22 Osprey. (Actually both watchfaces are in this APK, but I haven’t enabled switching between Night/Day mode yet)


Great job! Could you have a link to here shown .apk:

Oct 4, 2016 9:07:35 GMT 1 jam said:
Great job! Could you have a link to here shown .apk:

thankss good work

Hope it will work on the I2 too!