First impression

Hello folks, just received the Ticwris S and i love it!!! The only problem i had so far is the front camera tacking picture: stripes on the screen, but i have installed a third part app Best Camera and works perfect!!! The sound bouth mic and speaker much clearer and louder than the Lem T.


I have a Kospet Prime (1) but I am going to order a Max S … The previous Ticris Max also looked great but looked too large for me. I would be interested to know what kind of battery life you are getting from your Max S.


I have been testing this all weekend . The battery is amazing . To give you a idea

Sim in , Gps on , Wifi on , Bluetooth on , 10k run with screen on permantly .

From 100% to 70% :+1: . Now thats impressive


@Dr_Andy_Vishnu … wow that sounds quite impressive. This has helped me make up my mind on it for sure. Thank you!

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You are welcome :+1:

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