Firmware Update ! Prime

Hello im Using a Kospet prime, and a firmware update message arrived on the watch, power is 100 % but the update freezes the watch and i dont think the update takes the 20 minutes i’ve waited.

what can i do… its dissapointing Kospet…

20 mins is not long . When you accept the OTA you should let the watch complete the procedure without pressing buttons etc . What state is your watch in now .

Hello thanx for reply, i rebooted the watch its in the old state.
How long takes a update usually ?

Regards Jan Boender

it depends on your internet speed obviously . If you having issues i would fully reset your watch and start again . Again leaving the watch while it updates . Dont forget to fully reset after update

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Hello Mr. Andy
I started the update again before i went to sleep and the watch on the charger. 6 hours later when i woke up for work etc. The watch was still in the update modus freezed screen. Why is there no progress bar or percentage status display ?!

I am in no doubt about internet speed for wifi all other apparatus phonres laptops working fine on the same wifi connections

I am surprised that Android 7.1.1. Has this flaw in it, icw this Kospet watch. I stopped to call it a smart watch…

I have not come across this before . Did you try a full reset of watch as i suggested ? Also can you post a picture . You may have to flash the firmware with a Pc if all else fails

Yes, image of the error on the forum please. Do you happen to have twrp installed?

as far as I remember, updating on different types of operating systems can give an error when there is not enough RAM if the ROM is busy. In all other cases, it is installed (if Wi-Fi is enabled, of course)

Well gents i cannot post pictures ?? Popup no images allowed…

To me resetting is completely switch off the watch and start again. Did that several times.

After my install button push, display shows screen with memo of not using he phone no functions bla bla. And stays that way…

this means a reset, which is located in the settings: Reset equipment. There at the very bottom will be a reset of settings. Delete all.

That is the Factory reset ?, i caleave on backup and auromatic restore or do i need to restore preferences manually

A full factory reset yes . This will completely wipe your watch

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Unusual problem with my PRIME CHARGER - For some reason not charging although has worked fine every time previously. Pins in base, seem spring loaded and one pin atthe end seems to have receded into the case slightly (half mm.) Just will not make contact to re-charge- Need this watch desperately as it is also my mobile. Is there a way that I can get it to charge ? Strip of foil ?? Buy a new charger ? I have ordered a charger from Chinese company but 6 weeks for delivery !!!
Please help if possible. Regards,

I would try an eraser (for a pencil) - to clear the metal points On the case.

Why would you write this in a firmware update thread ? It has nothing to do with the topic.


How will that help if the pin is not extended far enough to make contact?

Do you update your phone’s firmware only over the air? I don’t know how you can’t understand that the wire, in addition to power, also transmits data

I don’t know how you can’t understand that his problem is his watch won’t charge. What does that have to do with transmitting data? Nothing. If you read his post a pin on the end has receded and not making contact and is keeping his watch from charging.

Because google translator is an idiot for technical english

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@Dotsfar i agree with you, these is not the place, but remember when you were rookie ?
I remember !!!

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