FINOWATCH BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. X5 Not Working. I bought two X5 and, NOT EVENT ONE MONT OLD, one of them is NOT WORKING anymore. Jessie is not responding my messages. She was very nice when I was doing the purchase but now not responding. Very disappointed. I attach a Screenshot of the watch’ screen. Does anyone knows how to fix this?

As it has less then 1 month you should ask an RMA to the seller.
If you are able to do it, you could open the back cover and check if the flat cable from the display is well inserted in the connector on the mainboard. I attached a picture to help you to locate the cable and the connector, please do it with extreme care and attention, you could damage other components.

Very bad indeed :frowning:

Why everybody got problem on Finow x5 and my had no problems, still ok after 1 month and hope ill continue to doing well, maybe most of them is come with some manufacture issue