Finow X5+ screen turns to white flash

Ok, after a year suddenly when i try to turn on my finow x5+ screen was turns to white, and after a while it display like a broken tv channel, full of dot, after couple minutes the screen back, but the bright become to white, after that i try to clear mmc from recovery, the problem is not solve enough. As it more faster to become normal, then i deleting the updates data firmware & any related data to watch, right now i can’t access the firmware data & i can’t connect to their server for download the watchface & accessing their apps store …
does any one here has the same issue just like me? Notes : I never made any root/cusrom before
Wondering now if finow has a bad hardware quality …

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I have this Defection with my X200 too. i try to Download it’s firmware after turn it Off and On the White Screen appear!
Dose any Body fix this problem ?