Finow X5 Extreme Power Saver

Hey guys,

I managed to get my Finow X5 to last for 5+ days, when only using it as a watch with wrist flip enabled.

The battery in this thing is five years old, with default ROM it doesn’t even last a day.

Things I did to increase battery life:

  • Limit CPU to minimum using Kernel Adiutor (on boot: disable second core, cpu max fequency 598MHz, governor ondemand)
  • Disabled Google Play service (using Settings Search > Applications)
  • Removed bloatware companion app BluetoothSocketMonitor (abd shell rm .apk|.odex from /system/priv-apps/)
  • Battery Saver enabled
  • Airplane mode enabled (disable GSM/WiFi/Bluetooth)
  • Display sleep: 15 second
  • Default clock (almost completly dark with minimal white parts for AMOLED to display

And that’s about it really… that increased my battery by 500% it seems!
I’m guessing the CPU limit tweak is the main factor, although I wouldn’t want to underestimate the Google and bloatware apps.
Keep in mind, for the benchmark, I’m only using it as a watch with the wrist-flip-display-on enabled.
Enable WiFi or playing music through Bluetooth has a huge effect on battery-life.

Things I tried that failed:

  • Having an ‘Always-On’ display, it works but too much of a battery drain, even with dark clock

Things I would like to try:

  • customize build.prop to save battery
  • customize build.prop to disable logging

Does anybody have any experience with the build.prop customisations? Will those help?

Does anybody have any other ideas I could try to save battery life?

Thanks, and I hope this is useful for the next person, although I doubt many people are still rocking an X5 :slight_smile:

As I understand it, my X5 now has a better battery life than the new generation of watches in Android mode :blush:


I’m surprised you have this result with wrist enabled. That’s really good. :+1:

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I’m surprised you have this result with wrist enabled. That’s really good. :+1:

Yeah, I’m just as surprised as you are :upside_down_face:
That’s also why i’m sharing this info… more people need to try this.
I’m really curious what the results would be with a new generation model with a brand new battery.

In the graph in the screenshot you can kind of see the difference between when I’m wearing the watch and not.
First half of the graph is after unplugging it, wearing it for a little while sitting at my desk and then leaving it untouched for the night, the second part of the graph is me wearing it all day while walking around.
Since this is pretty much a full normal day for me, it should last me well over 5 days as only a watch.

I was thinking about buying a new watch, but decided to try and tune my old X5 first…
And now, ofcourse, I’m having even more trouble deciding if I want a new watch or not…

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I think it is the Airplane mode. With that on, I also have multiple days. But a smartwatch without connection is a …watch?

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I’m back with more test results!

I would say ‘Sorry it took so long’, but no, not sorry, not at all :blush:

The watch lasted 7 days!!!

It’s a benchmark :slight_smile:

There isn’t really anything I can do to limit power usage from Cellular, WiFi or Bluetooth, except not use them. And in some sense you are right, using these feature are a huge battery drain. But on the other hand, I’m sure it’s the tweaked kernel and cleaned ROM that bring me up to 7 days, which is quite a long ways away from the “multiple days” we are used to. We can now start talking in “weeks” :wink:

Anyways, I’m of to go and try to find my charger, I can’t remember where I last placed it a week ago :smile:
What a great first world problem to have! So happy!