Finow X5+ changes MAC address on each connect.

Finow X5+ changes MAC address on each connect. My WLAN router get messed up with requests from watch. Because the MAC address permanently changes it get a new IP. I cannot use the “disallow new MAC addresses” option in my router. What sense it makes to permanently change the MAC???
MAC always starts with 00:08:22:XX:XX:XX while the XX are different on each connection attempt.

Could you guys check your Wifi routers whether the connection pool is messed up too?

Have you flashed the firmware or taken an OTA update recently?

I only made one OTA directly after outboxing, weeks ago. Actual release see picture.missing/deleted image from Google+

Can you check your IMEI number by dialling *#06#

It’s shown, is this okay or can the shown number be wrong?

Do you have problems with password secure wifi? Because mine was always disconnecting but not with insecurr wifi.
Fixed it by doing factory reset.
Hope it helps.

No, connection is successful. But the watch connects with a different MAC adress each time. So the router think it is a new device and give a new address from DHCP pool. Normally my Router is set to not allow unknown MAC addresses. If I Set this option the X5 is not able to connect, because the MAC is unknown always.

I will report back to Finow about the issue. I’ll let you know if I get a response…

Hhmmm strange