Finow X5 Air mod firmware for Finow X5+/X5Air and LEMFO LEM5/LEM5Pro

Finow X5 Air modified firmware
Designed for installation on smartwatches (all revisions)
Finow X5 Plus / Finow X5 Air / LEMFO LEM5 / LEMFO LEM5 Pro

The firmware has the original odexation.
Basically, I don’t insert root access into the firmware, if you want to install it yourself.

If you do not understand the level of risk and the mechanism of operation of the utilities, do not know how to read the instructions and recommendations CAREFULLY, then you should not use the materials of this post, because instead of the desired result - you can STRONGLY DAMAGE the DEVICE (and in this case, you better give the device to those who have a better understanding of these issues). All actions you do at your own risk. Always backup your data before making changes!

Firmware for installation with TWRP
MD5: 0c4b782e300fcb288e93ae822bec93ef

Firmware for installation with SPFlashTool
[color="#008000"]MD5: 9a46caff41780b57cc4533c61ae59412[/color]

30.09.2018 X5Air_mod_by_Vell_m10.5_full

  • the basic version of the firmware v.s.180927
  • patched boot.img (ADB without a request, do not delete TWRP)
  • firmware has the original odexation. (deodex was not made)
  • removed the Update app and everything related to it
  • removed GAPPS
  • default language is Russian
  • default time zone is Moscow
  • engineering menu in the developer menu
  • replaced Russian font in MzLauncher2
  • fixed Russian translation of MzLauncher2, Settings, SHealth, Heart, MzAppStore
  • Changed screen shutdown timeouts to 5с, 10с, 15с, 30с, 1мин, 5мин, 15мин, 30мин, 1час.
  • wake sweep enabled by default
  • by default in sleep mode the network should not shut down (def_off_screen_off_net = 0)
  • RoundCalc app added
  • Watch Droid Assistant app added
  • added a modified gallery app from Деймон
  • expanded set of dials
  • changed boot animation
  • additional settings added items
    . . Battery statistics
    . . Applications
    . . Administrators

Changelog and other information in My original post on 4PDA (Russian language only).


Thanks for this.
Great work - I will test it out :+1:

Sorry about the issues with the old thread. It seems that we had a slight error in the import of that thread.

It looks like no other threads were affected.

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Thank you very much. After 10 hours of using watch, turned on bluetooth, still have 56%. :smiley: This is what i am looking for. :+1: