Finow Q1 Pro or M9 sim door problem

i have a problem with q1 pro where the door to the sim slot isnt closing well as it used thus the sim isnt pressing against the metal pins and therefore loses its cellular connection. Ive seen a second version of the finow q1 pro where it has a tiny screw on the sim door to prevent it from loosening. Should i try drilling a small hole for screws and screw a metal plate to press down on the door and keep the sim in contact with the pins? what do you think? this is why i havent used it in a while. Im getting the Ticwris max next But i want to fix this q1 Pro and give it as a gift for my relatives.

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I solved the problem with another watch by inserting a prepaid card and then gluing the SIM door.

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Glue? Ah if you have to change sims in any case, hmm how would you remove the door without breaking it? what kind of glue did you use?