Finow q1 pro 4g

Please give the finow q1 pro 4g firmware

Try this official firmware from this russian site.
It is official V1.1. I have tried it, and after you can upgrade OTA directly from the watch to v 1.2.

Just make sure that you set the website to translate from Russian to English or your language.
Don’t try the non official extended firmware that have, as it does not work.
Remember just to upgrade or just download the scatter file with latest sptool.
Do not use format and download method, as it will erase your NVRAM and delete your IMEI.
I did such mistake, and now have no IMEI because I formated and downloaded. Know I have to find NVRAM files from a working Finow Q1 Pro watch to program just the NVRAM and then just change the IMEI back to the original IMEI.
Here is the link for russian website official firmware version 1.1 for Finow Q1 Pro.

Seems like no links are allowed here, therefore just Google for Finow Q1 Pro firmware 1.2 as it will come up a russian website.