Finow News: Finally we have posted Q3 plus sale link on Aliexpress,

Finow News:

Finally we have posted Q3 plus sale link on Aliexpress, Also here is the price for 11.11 global shopping festival, After it, the price will raise up to 109usd. Here is the link purchase directly from finow official store:

Especially mention: It is 1.39 A+ AMOLED screen as X5plus, but the memory is only 512M+4G, not same as X5plus.

More details can visit link to check it or contact seller, Emily


Please understand. The 512/4gb version is not the plus model. It is the Q3. Still an excellent watch at an excellent price.

I’ve asked before but I’ll ask again. This watch looks beautiful and so did the D5+ that was posted a couple days ago. They look so good because they are not the true representation of the product. The real watches actually have a black ring around the face for some reason.
For some people it’s not a big deal, but for me it’s a deal breaker…I want a full face. Does anyone know why all of the watches covered in this community have that black ring? Is it as simple as, taking 5mm off the screen cuts cost?

Como hago para instalar un nuevo launcher en mi kw88?

@Eric_Brown it is called a bezel. Smartphones have it too. It is very hard to engineer a touchscreen without bezels.

@Ronald_Jansen I think he’s referring to the black ring around the screen itself - within the screen there is a black border around any watch face image. This border varies in size across different models.
I must admit though - I thought the X5+ and the I3 were both pretty good - only a very slim black border around the face…