Finished version of the Capcom Super Street Fighter II Turbo themed Clock Skin for

Finished version of the Capcom Super Street Fighter II Turbo themed Clock Skin for Eric’s Universal Launcher and made with Watch Face Designer.
There’s no additional features like steps , weather , temp etc as I wanted to focus more on the animation.
The animations are taken from the Capcom SSFII Turbo Board and the Capcom SFII Board.

All Street Fighter information and franchise details can be found at


Oh… the good old times :slight_smile: I like it. Nice detail on the digit animation :+1:

thanks :slight_smile: Figured why not do it right and use the actually countdown graphic animations. Obviously I had to edit them a little but It was worth the effort as it looks better than my original first pass which was just using the capcom font.

@Robert_Zarifeh , here’s the finished face as promised.

@Ryuk_Shinigami Please credit the brand owners for Street Fighter.
Nice face

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Updated the description as requested.

@Ryuk_Shinigami we need a clickable link for the credits.

@G1NT0N1C added the capcom link. Sorry for the later reply , hope that’s enough

not function lem5

@Marcelo_Santos are you saying that universal launcher didn’t work on lem 5? That’s strange…

@Marco_Ferreira Yes, it did not work.

@Marcelo_Santos Are you sure you’re talking about universal launcher and not this watchface? Because I believe universal launcher works fine on LEM 5 (it’s almost the same watch as my X5 and it works great on mine). Again, take notice that Universal Launcher is a software you need to install in order to use this watchface!

@Marcelo_Santos as @Marco_Ferreira states and my description says, this is a watch face for the Universal Launcher which is an alternative launcher for your watch’s home screen ( just like you can install alternative launchers to you phone e.g Nova Launcher ). You need Universal Launcher installed for this watch face to work as stock launchers do not support animation.
The device this was tested on was a Zeblaze Thor 4 and that does indeed work.
If you have Universal Launcher installed and other animated watch faces are working but this one isn’t please let me know.