Finished my second watch face.

Finished my second watch face. Cool item: the hands are made from images of the Galaxy S7 edge on.



Hi CD… it may be your intention (please excuse me if it is) but some of your text is above the hands and some is below… you may need to reorder the layers… :slight_smile:

Nice work @Chris_Dunkle keep it up :slight_smile:
It’s amazing what can be achieved here !!

@Alex_Sadov I like the fact that we can make a watch that’s just how we want it - unique… :slight_smile:

Yes indeed :slight_smile:

Good afternoon. how do I watch the show Pedometer and heartbeat for only handle the battery.

The pedometer should update automatically. For the heartbeat you need to get into the Health setting and tap HeartRate. I don’t know of any way to have it update automatically. The battery charge indicator should be automatic.

?.. I do not understand…

@Andrew_Davis Yeah, I may have gotten a bit sloppy with that. Feel free to modify any part of this watch skin.

@Andrew_Davis What do you not understand? I am happy to explain anything I do.

Hi CD… so long as you like it then theres no problem :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand the comment from the other member… EJ

I love the skin… and i use it…Thank you.