Finally finished my latest skin took me ages was a big puzzle had to

Finally finished my latest skin took me ages was a big puzzle had to motivate myself again and again. Rare expencive piece of time here. Everything works well on my h2. Have fun enjoy!


Woww…this is a mindblowing piece of work. Amazing…thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us

@MoAn you are welcome this is really a beauty design.

Will it work on I4 air?

I think the original designer wasn’t paying attention to the word platinum not in the center… If I had the money I wouldn’t buy it for that error.

BUT really good work from @Jurgen_Oberst !

@Bart_van_der_Linden wow for that price and for the fact is an unicat watch thats a nogo! Good eyes u have :slight_smile: Greets.

@Natasha_Krementz sorry it’s not for wear watches Greets.

That’s a pretty cool watch face…

@Bart_van_der_Linden i think the word does centered, but the wheel below doesn’t, thats why it makes ilussion of decentration, but if you draw a line from 12 'clock, down to the midle of hands center, you will notice, it does centered. Just my two cent. But thats a really sharp observstion you have, I didn’t notice this at all, I was way too amazed with the beauty of this watch

how is the battery life with this face?

@Cristea-Antoniu_Crac it depends on what watch you have battery capacity screen size and resolution best u can do download it and see how your watch is performing with it and if you see a difference to your other faces. Greets!

Super thanks,works fawlessly,KW88 :wink:missing/deleted image from Google+