Ferro Distinct (Orange 'ya glad I made it?)

One hand with weather icons and date…


CREDIT: FerroWatches.com


Gonna take it…great work…are you ready for the Kospet Prime 2 ? :slight_smile:

Submitted 8… Not sure how I’ll make out given all the great designers on the forum!

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I like the orange color. However, nos. “11” & “1” seems to be smaller than the others. The hand should be a little bit brighter color as it can hardly be seen since it’s thin. But overall it’s a great work. Thanks.

11 & 1 being vertical appear smaller only due to their shape, they are yje same weight as all the others. Same applys to the hand… Download it and I believe you will see it “works”.


In the end what it matters is being in the contest, doing what we like to do.

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