Ferrari Schumacher Tribute

Michael Schumacher is my favorite F1 driver of all time. I wanted to create a watch face that is a tribute to when he drove for my favorite F1 team, Ferrari. This is designed using WFD. This is my first ever watch face, so please take it easy on me! Watch displays date (day) and the dial on the left is battery power.

All logos used are the property of said companies.



DOWNLOAD: Schumacher Tribute (Power Fixed)


Very nice, keep it up!

Thanks for sharing!:handshake:

Nice! :+1:

Nice one @drizze99 . Btw, the numbers of the battery are not correct , the 25 and 75 are not on the correct position!

@Joao_Nascimento Thank You so much!! I will make the changes and re-upload it!!

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