FAW was just down, where to keep updated

The FAW forum has just been down about 24h.
What happened, and during the incident I wondered, is there somewhere else where we can see a status of downtime on Twitter or somewhere else ?

NB! Not a complain, I appreciate all you admins do to maintain the site and moderate etc. Just a wish to be informed during downtime.

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Dont worry . All fixed now . Sorry but as we are based across all timezones this is not possible as sometimes we dont know until contact is made .



If we had a slack channel or something else, we could also give signal when the site is down, in case you don’t know yet.

But I accept/understand fully if you don’t need an extra place to moderate etc :+1:

To be honest mate two of us are having a terrible time at the moment so we are stuck for time as it is . Thanks


Unlike in the early days, the forum is usually very stable now. In this case there was a problem in our data center. I don’t think it’s worth the extra effort if the forum has a brief glitch every 2 years. At least I won’t do any extra work for this.

But I can assure everyone: If this forum should ever be closed, we will not do so as a surprise, but will announce it beforehand. However, I don’t think this will happen in the next few years. :wink: