Favour from KW88 Owners I’ve been viewing videos of the new KW88 firmware and

Favour from KW88 Owners
I’ve been viewing videos of the new KW88 firmware and have seen that my famous “Ancient Fire” watch face has made it into Kingwear’s stock watch face collection. From the videos it also looks like they have changed the way the swiping action works. Previously a swipe (left, right, up or down) would slide the watch face off the screen in that direction. As I put my signature on all my watch faces, just off the screen, this allowed you to see it if you half swipe and held so the edge of the face is in the middle of the screen. You can do this on the Finow, Lemfo and Domino watches who also “feature” my designs.
The new firmware seems to operate differently, in that the watch face seems to fade out with a swipe and not slide out.
Since I don’t own a KW88, I would like to ask a favour. Could someone please try sliding my “Ancient Fire” watch face, shown above, and see if they are able to see my signature on the side?

Ok i installed it… But there is no your signature :frowning: i suppose they didnt ask you to put it in stock firmware :frowning: ?

@Andrew_Somers ​ i posted a video for u … Look and tell me if u want me to look more :slight_smile:

Thanks @Sasa_Petrovic .
They did not ask.

Yea i tought so… :frowning:

Definitely no signature that I can see. Got to say it looks sick as all hell though. Kinda disappointed they didn’t ask to use it though.

no more APKs for this watch with the update … glad l did not update :slight_smile:

It is Sinsoft - not Kingwear that did this. KingWear do not know anything about where the faces came from. Not defending this behavior but getting the facts out.
It looks the same as Finow because they used the same download server as Finow with same faces on it.
Difference is only in the way the launcher presents the faces - otherwise all the same.

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , I knew about Sinsoft, but I thought Kingwear might have used a different engine since that don’t load using the ClockSkin folder.

There is a folder but Sinsoft did not want it public and so it is within the root filesystem.
I am hoping to sort this out with talks between me , IQI and Sinsoft next week.
Shame they had to use same server as Finow. I have offered to let them have the commercial use faces as an alternative.

They can use this watch face and even use it to promote their product.
I released for everyone to enjoy, and I’m glad it’s popular, but I released it under my name. I just don’t like these companies taking credit for my work.
An official request asking permission or a foot note on their site is all that is necessary.

I will ask @Andrew_Somers but they are difficult to deal with. I will try to persuade them to present faces as they appear in Erics launcher. It seems to work ok…

Thanks @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , I’m not trying to be difficult. It’s good that you have a dialogue with them and I appreciate your efforts in representing this community.

I will always try to do the best by our members. Loki and I have had some pretty heated discussions around this with me going back and fighting vendors with proof of ownership.
At the bottom line though - the faces taken from XDA, before we got a handle on things - are pretty much out of our control. Your works (mentioned here) are part of that group of works. They all (watch makers) have access to them as the were easy to get in the old “this months faces” bulk zip days. This has obviously been stopped and those links are now dead - but it was "after the horse has bolted " so to speak. Those faces are turning up all over - Russia - Spain - Germany…
We might just have to let go of this particular group of faces. Now we know better :slight_smile:

Hey @Andrew_Somers
I have managed to get the software company to remove your watch face. :+1:

Ok. As I said above I don’t mind them using it, just some recognition would be nice. I guess they weren’t prepared to do this.

@Andrew_Somers actually they have asked if anyone would like to donate a few skins and they will credit them. They just copied existing ideas and so did not know how to…

Well that sounds good @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 . I think I’d be happy for them to use any of mine, even the ones they already have, assuming that they put my name above the skin, or something. Do you know what they have in mind?
I haven’t put any of mine in the commercial section because I didn’t want to lose control of my work. But it’s great that you have this dialogue with them. This is exactly the sort collaboration I’d be happy with.
They could browse my collection at https://plus.google.com/collection/Qzx3SB and let me now which ones they like.
I know a lot of them are a bit off the wall, but I can modify any of them to suit if they want. They can contact me, or I’m happy to keep going through you if you want to keep a single point of contact.
As long as I’m not giving them exclusive rights, because I still have my own plans for these as well.

try putting your own small logo on your watch faces. Mine are not worth copying or nicking to use as stock faces but if they do l will at least know they are mine by my logo

I put my signature on all of my faces, usually just off the screen, which you can see by sliding slightly left or right. On the Finow, Lemfo and Domino you can clearly see my signature, however with Kingwear’s new software the face doesn’t slide, so you can’t see my signature anymore