Falled in love with this face

Hi, could anybody help me with this beautiful model?

Thanks for advance!!!


It’s a watchface that another artist created for Android wear. Therefore, a clockskin version would require his approval.
However, you can recreate it for your personal use, WFD would be the tool of choice.
You can also download it for Android wear. If you have the Universal Launcher installed, you can use it on your watch without any problems.
You’ll find the download link if you search the picture with google.


Here it is but sadly the link is dead. I will reach out to the member :+1:

Moved to lost round faces

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Yeah it’s a cool watchface, I’ll keep looking for it

with same design but another bg, Earth.
But sorry i don’t know how to add weather, if someone want to add it, he can modify and publish this one.



Looks great, better as the original design -in my opinion.
For weather information use AT10. You can add it easily with WFD- as text or as image.

Wow! The last one is really nice too!

How can you guys find them so easily? I was looking for with reverse images searches and I was unable to find all of them.

The last one you showed here doesn’t work properly the battery indicator, it always shows battery at 100 percent.

Anyway it’s beautiful too.

Thanks a lot to all of you!!!

I didn’t remembered that UL benefit.
Cool!!! I’ll try it then.

Thanks a lot!!!

for those who want, another interpretation of the watchface.