Fake NFC on the No. 1 D7?

I’ve recently purchased a No. 1 D7 because it supposedly had NFC support. I’ve sideloaded apps such as NFC Check by Tapkey, Check NFC and NFC enabled. All of these apps report that NFC is “not enabled” or “Unsupported”.

Does NFC need to be turned on? Everything I’ve read indicates that any toggle for NFC would be located under “Wireless and Connections” in Android settings. But, the No. 1 D7 runs FunOS and there is no such setting. The only sections are “Internet Connections” and “Wireless & networks”. There is no NFC toggle under these sections.

I did notice the “Mobile networks” is grayed out under “Wireless & networks” because I currently do not have a SIM inserted. I’m wondering if the NFC toggle may be under that section. Does NFC require a SIM card to be installed?

I’m attempting to use the No. 1 smartwatch to read NFC tags but nothing happens when I hold a written tag up to the watch. Also, nothing happens when I hold another NFC enabled device such as a Samsung S7 next to it.

So, does the No. 1 D7 actually have NFC? Or, is it a non-standard specialty implementation of NFC that’s limited to applications such as certain door locks or the Pure NFC app?

Apr 22, 2018 0:39:06 GMT 1 brainflurry said:

even with the D6 they did somthing stupid like this, i think the HR sensor which did'nt work, not sure, i will never touch a no.1 watch again.

Apr 22, 2018 16:32:35 GMT 1 soniasophie9697 said:

It’s discouraging to hear that’s been your experience with No. 1 smartwatches. This is my second one. I previously owned a D5+ but stopped using it because of the horrible battery life. It couldn’t make it through half a day (4 hours) of use. I took a chance on the D7 because it was said through a number of reviews that battery life had been significantly improved. I’m testing that now.

As for NFC, still no dice. I just found an old Nano SIM card and inserted it. The No. 1 D7 smartwatch detects the SIM card and the correct carrier but there are still no new NFC options under “Mobile networks” or “Wireless & networks”. And, it also still doesn’t react to written NFC tags. So, I don’t think the SIM card has any effect on the NFC function.

I’m wondering whether this watch really has NFC. Is there any other way to tell? Is there anyway to generate an installed hardware report or something like that? Has anyone else used NFC with this watch?


according to videos it has but seems it is limited with what it works, true, i had the D5+ also and it had really horrible battery life with 3g, i think it got to do more with software than hardware cos on my kw99 and on my amazing (for now not working:/) H2 i have great battery life with 3g and gps which they have different software. have you tried to use some apps that check nfc capability?