Factory theme Watch Face

Factory watch face is designed with the idea of a factory environment with various animated and moving elements in it. Each element in this design is handmade by me and crafted to perfection with a hope to provide unique and beautiful Watch faces for Android Smart Watch users.

Made with WFD.

Download: Manish RD - Themes



Outstanding design. I love it!


Thank you mate…

Thats brilliant . I have always loved animated clockskins :+1:

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Thanks mate…

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Thats what I like about the Forum…it brings out the very best in peoples imagination and creativity!..and this face is no exception! :+1: :+1: An excellent piece of work mate! Cheers, Doons


Thanks again mate… More to come

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Anyway to repost the download link??

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Well, it’s such nonsense that it’s fascinating :slight_smile: A wonderful thing and a perfect idea. Very nicely done


Hey sorry unfortunately I lost all these files after I stopped using the watch.


nice idea. Good friend :+1:

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Moved to “lost round faces”. Maybe someone has a copy of this file. Please let me know.

if you give me your consent I will try to reproduce it very similar. I will put the credits of whoever created it the first time.

Please go ahead. These themes were only my brain child. Along with credits to Jacob & Co watch Company for design ideas from their collections (Oil Mill Edition)

my idea is very easy, extract the image and add the components, nothing tiring. Can I make some changes to the icons or do I have to do the same?

this is because they asked for the download link but it is not found

The replica of the original “FACTORY THEME” watch face is finished with the permission of the creator “Manish_RD”. Some icons are different from the original one but 70% of them should be the same. I added 3 pressure points for shortcuts (weather, heart rate and settings which you can look at the exact points in the video) I had to use an image with more resolution to be as clear as possible that’s why it’s a bit heavy mega bite. What do you think ?



Very nice…

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Thanks, it was a pleasure

Good job, @Bettuccio2 . Thank you for sharing! :handshake::+1: