Facewatch for kospet prime

Hi, first thanks a lot for the amazing work you did.
I’m a new member here,
My question is how i can add new and personalized facewatches for my kospet prime without using wiiwatch 2.
Thanks for answering me.

Of course. For example you can use Clockskin transfer. You’ll find it in the playstore. Download it directly to your watch.
After then you can push watchfaces from any browser to your watch.
Or via USB cable. Chose Data transfer on your watch and put the unzipped files directly to the clockskin folder in your watch.


Je vous remercie infiniment, et je m’excuse de ne pas l’avoir fait plutôt, j’ai oublié mon compte, du coup je pouvais plus écrire de poste. Merci encore.

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