Facebook Messenger App - what one?

Just got my first smartwatch - the Thor 4, its prettty awesome (mind you only 2nd day in now)

Quick question, being that its a round watch sometimes the edges of the screen are missing (square screen for a round watch) which means you can press buttons you need, like the google play store getting to “my apps” (to look for updates etc).  Is there a way around this?

Also whats a good app for facebook messenger - the facebook messenger app has the same issue with sending messages - you can always see the send button.

Last question - its there any rom which converts this to WearOS?   

Sorry probably some dumb questions here, like I mentioned I am a newbie to Smart Watches!

  1. pressing power button show menu, on top is small circle, this is switch between round and square mode (for non-system apps)
  2. if you want WearOS, buy watch with WearOS… benefit of Thor4 is full Android
Sept 10, 2018 22:15:28 GMT 1 gregandkelly1 said:

you can't use Wear OS on these watches, and why would you want to? with the right usage and undersand how to use it as standalone smartwatch (NOT as a phone) you will benefit from it way way better than any Wear watch or any BT watch.
Sept 10, 2018 22:23:47 GMT 1 k3dAR said:
1) pressing power button show menu, on top is small circle, this is switch between round and square mode (for non-system apps) 3) if you want WearOS, buy watch with WearOS... benefit of Thor4 is full Android

1) Thanks! thats made replying so much easier!  I can see the edges now! 2) and yea I get your point about WearOS, was just wondering is all.  I like to play with things haha

next dumb question is…

On my andriod auto headunit, if I put in a GPS location to drive to it constantly vibrates the watch with notifcation updates.  I have tried turning Andriod Auto and Street maps off in the application notification list (in WiiWatch2) but it still seems to vibrate.  Is there any quick fix for this?

i don’t have AdroidAuto Headunit, but standalone/full Android HeadUnit, anyway watch not connected…
maybe try another 3rd notification assistent, i don’t use WiWatch2 but Watchdroid (with Phone), because more configurable and posible answer to notification from watch, show more text from messages etc…
Install this on Phone (or if is possible to Headunit):
Install this on Watch:
Before install disconnect/dispair WiWatch2…
btw: if you like it, buy full version, have better notification with all buttons under text of notification, in “light” is possible test this premium notification in setting switch 10 test

another 3rd notification assistent is M2D, this i don’t try…
(is 3 app, for phone, for watch and for bluetooth connections)

also, if you want try another/better watch launcher, try “(Eric) Universal Launcher”:

i ended on Thor4 on my favorite NovaLauncher(i use it on all my Phone and in Car :-), primary because alphabeting sort of app, and separate app to multiple category tabs, is ofcourse not comfort as watch launcher, but notification/quicksettings is as on phone on top swipe, on home i have 3rd retro clock widget and battery widget, on left swipe i have watch native stepcounter fullscreen widget, weather fullscreen widget, on right Watchdroid fullscreen widget, and some 3rd widget for switches AutoSync, RingMode, AudioVolume

edit: sorry for my “english”, is not my primary language and also is now 2AM in my country :wink: