Face request from Marco Riedner :

Face request from @Marco_Riedner :

The german version of my cursing watchface for universal launcher. Enjoy.

Download Universal Laucher:

Download Stocklauncher (400x400px):

(Choose 12h mode)

Still one of my favorites…! <3

German Randgruppen Bespaßung…:wink:

@G1NT0N1C Du sagst es… :smiley:

Wow… sehr cool, ich liebe es, danke.
Very cool, I love it, thanks.

@G1NT0N1C I 2nd Manu J’s comment. Alas, although I am part German, I learned very little. My siblings took it in school. I ended out taking French, so “C’est trop kiffant! Je l’aime! Merci!”. If I could make 1 request, could you also make a french varient? Doesn’t need to be now, but I can try and send you some french slang or curses. Downloading this and the english one BTW.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Merci. Mais mes connaissances en francais seraient suffisantes pour cette tache…

Really cool! A big thx

@G1NT0N1C what happened to “This is an English speaking community” and “no profanity - this is a public community”

LMAO :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ups… :joy:

Hi guys! Won’t be long now for the Thor 4 Dual competition announcement. I wanted to make sure I could honor each watch face designer by name, as well as provide links to their personal G+ if one was created and populated with watch face designs (which most everybody has done). So I’ll be shooting the final video today. Thanks so much for all the creative expressions! BTW, when something emerges as the consolidated resource to replace G+, be sure to list the link to it in your own G+ pages to help guide your followers over. I know @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 is working hard on this, so once we find a Country that will accept us, we can begin a caravan of migration (amazing the parallels of the real world in the digital world).

OK, it’s up now. Thanks for your patience! https://youtu.be/XRK7dti5oCo

Just wanted to say Congrats, @Manu_J1 . Definitely downloading the whole set.

@Nicholas_Herczeg thank you!

@Manu_J1 well done !!

From us and @SmartWatch_Ticks and @tim_Collins - great effort everyone.
Thanks to you all!

So I say it in English: I think that would be great a version of this Watchface in español :smile:

@Eliseo_Camberos go for it.