Face request from József Görbe : The Withings Activité

Face request from @Jozsef_Gorbe : The Withings Activité.
Yesterday I made a mistake. I said a sentence you should never say. I said: “This can not work”. I was very angry about myself afterwards. It’s not ok to say somethink like that, just because I don’t SEE any solution!?!
And because I was too angry to sleep, I used the night to search for a solution. At 5 AM I went to bed- with a smile on my lips.

Works with stocklauncher on 400x400px screens.



If the battery hand is on the wrong place, try this one:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bEtw8x_GEEsDIxcskEgFi7vDh7R7DuiZ

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Yes… :slight_smile: Arrays!. Like the solution for month days I used in stock launcher. Good job. Btw - it is a little pity that mulrotation factor is an integer number and not rational number.

You have crazy ways to spend your sleeping time :wink:
But with nice results.

@Jacek_Klodzinski Yes, and I used a simple filter. So I was able to display 20 steps: 100, 95, 90…and so on.

@Bert_van_de_Bovenkamp LOL!

@G1NT0N1C If I remember correctly, it also exists an array for 10 battery level pictures.

@Jacek_Klodzinski Yes, that’s what I used. And if you use also a filter, you have 10 x 2 = 20.

@G1NT0N1C Ah… OK. So perhaps there is another solution using pictures as numbers and two separate arrays - one for right digit and one for left digit. It should be possible to show exact level with this. Am I right?

@Jacek_Klodzinski Hmm. For an exact level I don’t see any solution at the moment. But that does’nt mean there isn’t one…
But it would be GREAT to have one!

@G1NT0N1C I used this solution in my faces for months days. But for battery level it can be a little more complicated… 100 numbers instead of 31 :wink: Perhaps not possible. I will try next week after my holidays.

@Jacek_Klodzinski for the devon watch 2 I used a 6x filter for the minute band. I think there is the limit, but it works for big numbers.

You are soooooo awesome! Thank you! BEAUTIFUL!

In my smartwatch the power arrow flew away and now its in left bottom corner.

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Victor_Fedirko there are two different stock engines. I will post a version that should work on your watch.

Good work Gin. I spent my night with my head spinning around after a polish wedding didn’t know the whole thing lasts for 2 days :slight_smile: greets to everyone!

@Victor_Fedirko another way to fix it is by using the Universal launcher


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I can not confirm yet. This face use a filter, and I haven’t test it with Universal launcher. I will test it and report, if it’s working.

@Victor_Fedirko Try this version:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 just tested. This face does’nt work with Universal launcher.