Face request from Frederico Filipe Rosado

Face request from @Frederico_Filipe_Ros . A red version of the U-Boat 1001 limited edition. For better legibility. Enjoy.

All credits to:



What is that watch you have?

@JACK_PEKALSKI It’s a Zeblaze Thor S.

So many thanks, G1N T0N1C.
You did a great job.
All of you are amazing, helping those who need.
Thanks again. Have a nice weekend.

@Frederico_Filipe_Ros You are welcome.

can any one make this watch face in blue colour? i mean the red parts in blue

@Dulaj_Fernando https://plus.google.com/u/0/+G1NT0N1C/posts/LDkUjoytdza

@G1NT0N1C thanks buddy…

I would like to ask! could this be red? / no orange /

@Berta_Barna the link in the Top of this post is the red version.

Thanks for the reply! The LEM5 pro watch has a strong orange color. Could it be much redder? Don’t be angry for the request!

I know the problem. If you check the color code, you’ll see it is true red. But on the screen of our watches it looks like orange.