External display for Kospet Prime 2 or Optimus 2

I’m using Kospet Prime 2 and an Optimus 2. Is there a way to project the screen to an external monitor, or perhaps to a tablet? For example, If I want to navigate in the car, it would be nice to have a larger screen to look at. There’s a external screen on ebay that says it can connect to an android phone; 7" IPS LCD Car Monitor Screen AV Wireless Sync for Android IOS iPhone | eBay. Has anyone done something like this? Thank you!

I have the optimus 2 and I get close to that by using the built in android function of displaying to an external screen via wifi and another option which yield better results with the windows application srcpy with the clock connected with usb. Anyway I never get it to display an screen bigger than 800x800 even using adb tool commands from the pc to resize the screen, this image was the best I could get, the performance was good but the latency was bad.

It is something I will also be quite interested to do, since even connecting a
Bluetooth mouse is possible and the computing power is there but I have yet to fine a way also.

Anyway as pablo11 ( A great admin of the page) will say “this watches are not supposed to be used that way and could be damaged”

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I understand the ebay screens rely on android auto being on the phone. I haven’t tried it myself, but always assumed it to be a blue tooth conection. Some can directly mirror the screen over wifi but this doesn’t translate to touch, except from the transmitting master device (tablet, I haven’t tried my watch for this. A common wifi network connection still needs apps on both devices.). Wifi would drain the watch much more quickly than blue tooth.

I often use my watch for blue tooth music, to an fm transmitter for the car radio. Plenty of battery for that, but if it were for navigation the drain of the gps would be quite high too. Not to mention the position of the watch relative to the windscreen for a good view of the sky. I recently tried an old phone as an offline map gps in the car. It worked perfectly till it became apparent the charge the car adapter could provide the phone wasn’t enough to counter the drain on the battery for having the screen always on. I turned off the screen and used the gps with voice directions only. It worked fine, but it isn’t as convenient as glancing at the map.

I suppose it hinges on whether or not android auto runs on the watch…