Extension to Google fit

Found a nice app that works with Google Fit. It DOESN’T store any extra data, but it has more chart and analyze abilities with customizations for what you see. Small in size and doesn’t cause a battery drain.
Available on the play store. called Fit Companion. It’s free to use but there are a few functions that have limits unless you upgrade. I didn’t upgrade. Don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.


Have you ever tried " my running app " ? Its great and syncs with google fit

I use it on every watch


I have it on my watch. It works well. I also have map my run/walk/etc loaded. They all sync with FIT. Most of what I do on FIT is to see all my data in one place. What I eat, what I burn, how I sleep, weight and all that stuff.


Good to hear . I tested a samsung galaxy watch 4 vs Optimus 2 the other day over 2.8 mile walk using MRA .

Optimus 2 was very very close to Samsung :+1:


My running app doesnt connect to my google fit (Google fit operation error). In support thread there is information that creators no longer support this app.

Fit companion didnt have any problem with connection. I will test it.

Unfortunately all support for this app has finished by the developer i’m afraid . However i’m sure @R_Sauvalle uses google fit with this app ? If he see’s this message maybe he can help :+1: