Extend battery life for Lemfo 16 (6G RAM)

Hi ,

what is a good solution to the battery drain issue on my Lemfo 16 watch?

I have to use Google Assistant on this watch all the time while wearing it, so I always enable screen always on with an app called " Screen Alive", so that I can say " Hey Google", any time, alll time, but it turns out that, with this screen always on feature enabled, the watch consumes about 24% battery every hour, this is a battery drain issue to me, because it can’t last a whole day like the Kospet Optimus 2 under the exact same circustances,
with the Kospet Optimus 2 watch, under exactly the same circumstances, which means, that, the screen also set to always on, the Kospet Optimus 2 consumes about 12 % every hour, which is satifactory to me in terms of battery usage,
but is it possible for Lemfo 16 to get the same battey life as Kospet Optimus 2 by changing settings, or whatever method possible? maybe a battery replacement>? or a change in hardware?

is it possible for Lemfo 16 to have the same battery life as Kospet Optimus 2 watch under the exact same circumstances as I have described? the main function that I use is the Google Assistant, so any other function can be turned off just save enough power to let Google Assistant use the most power possible so that battery can last the longest possible time?

Also, big question here:

** what caused this difference in battery life between Kospet Optimus 2 and Lemfo 16 watch? can we discuss all the possible reasons in a holistic way including all factors like CPU, RAM, BATTERY SIZE, screen type, etc, I really feel like changing hardware on this watch to just extend the battery life so that this wach can last a whole day like the Kospet Optimus 2 watch **

This watch is not made for screen always on, you risk to broke the screen and kill the battery fastly…


This has been discussed many times ?

Regardless of the O2 out performing the Lem16 you are still running a risk using AOD

You are looking for a solution that doesnt exist

If its so important buy another O2 or the unsupported A8 watch DM80 amoled which will last and not run out of juice using AOD. But you will not find support for it here


We are not talking about Kospet Prime, only Kospt Optimus 2 was mentioned in comparison with Lemfo 16 ,

That’s an example.
Same screen technology applies to all these models.
Amoled screens have not been used since old Android 7 days because largest round size is 1.4" which is considered to be too small for the last few years.
It is correct to say that AOD is not suitable for any of these watches since the days of amoled and battery life plumits if you force it.
It also cuts the life of the screen panel by around 50% as it is not designed to be on all the time.
No need to talk about it yet again really.
It’s been discussed to death in many threads here.
People just have to face facts and understand what happens if force a device to do something that it’s never designed to do.
End of story.