Eureka! Battery improvement

So I have been using my existing chargers to charge my watch, of which the lowest is a 2A charge rate. My watch will get pretty warm when using these chargers and still not charge as quickly as one would think. I also have noticed that the charge isn’t lasting as long as I anticipated, losing more than usual during the night and I’ve tried tweaking settings to try to get more life, as we all do, and so on.
Anyway, the other night I used my USB port on my laptop to plug the charger in and charge my watch. This can’t be more than .5A charge rate since this is an older laptop and low and behold my watch not only charged much quicker (didn’t get warm) but seemed to actually and fully charge it. I only lost 2% in over 9 hours of sleep (compared to 6-8% before) and it seems to be holding charge better as well.
Now I realize that this isn’t really a scientific evaluation and I need more time to verify and maybe get some actual data but this feels like a big improvement!
If anyone has had a similar experience or wants to try what I did and report back that would be great, but I mainly just wanted to share.

This seems to be quite remarkable at this point.

After further testing it seems to have been an anomaly or glitch because results were not consistent and could not reproduce.
I did try to charge with 3A charger and the watch didn’t like it. Notification popped up that I was using a charger that was producing to much current and it wasn’t compatible.

Should have done more testing before posting.

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So how much life are you getting out of your battery now?