Enable "Continued Conversation" on Optimus 2


Given the fact that Kospet Optimus 2 is Android 10 system, the " Continued Conversation" with Google assistant is supposed to work on Android 9 +, , but I just never managed to get this feature to work on Optimus 2, what is the problem???

Has anyone got the " Continued Conversation" to work with Google Asssitant on Optimus 2 watch?

Please share your know how? thanks a lot!

If you are using the stock firmware then no, it will not work.
You can try installing Google carrier services but there are obviously problems with the stock google integration because it is not available to test it thoroughly in China.

If you use the FAW international firmware you may have better luck.

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Thank you for your reply, I just never took time to check and make effort to upgrade my level here just to be qualified to get the " FAW International firmware", but I must try it when I am qualified to do so!

I just want to know, by using the FAW international firmware,
has anyone got " Continued Conversation" with Google Assistant to work well on Optimus 2 watch?

Please raise your hand ,please

I find that, Even my old Google Pixel 3 XL still Does Not support the " Continued Conversation" with Google Assistant, and the android version of my Google Pixel 3XL phone is currently Android 12, only Pixel phones from Pixel 4 and later models support " Continued Conversation" with Google Assistant,
if Google Pixel 3XL phone with updated system to Android 12 still does Not support " Continued Conversation" with Google Assistant, how can we expect “Kospet Optimus 2” with only Android 10 to support “Continued Conversation” with Google Asssistant.? ( even if it is updated with FAW international firmware?)
I am just curious, what do you people think?

Have you checked that this function is available for Android 10…?
You can check by just searching on Google.
If an Android 12 device made by Google themselves does not support it, it’s very unlikely that Android 10 devices will work.

And there is no need to use bold font when you reply…lol