Electricity consumption

for a few days now my Lemfo has been emptied in less than 5 hours!
What’s going on?

It could be a number of things . Usually a rogue app or system change . Factory rest will usually fix this . If you dont want to do this you can dig a little deeper and see what you recently installed which is causing the problem


thank you for your prompt response.
I will reinstall it …
thank you


Did you give a try ? Any Luck ?

The chances of this being a faulty battery are slim

thank you all
I reinstalled the OS and everything went back to normal =)
however my watch only serves me for:
time - phone - message - alarm - photos
that’s all !
so I don’t understand, but in short it works
Thanks again

. Are you saying something is missing after the factory reset ? Or you dont know what initially caused the battery drain

i dont know what initially caused the battery drain


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