Edifice - Casio TOUGH SOLAR All Parts New Build with Photoshop.

Edifice - Casio TOUGH SOLAR

All Parts New Build with Photoshop.

Only a Homage to Edifice Watches!

Have Fun :slight_smile:

Edifice Red:

Edifice Green:

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thanks Di DI

Superb!! Thanks!

Thanks Ruslan. :slight_smile:

Thank you Di Di. Could you please do me a favor and add a battery indicator. Perhaps on left small circle or somewhere else (lighting circle bar around the watch face?)? Thx!

Great work! :slight_smile:

Hello Reiko,
it´s possible!

For you a new Version with Battery inside the small Circle.



missing/deleted image from Google+

Di Di, thank you. It’s really beautiful now. Great work!

doesn’t work on my Fin X3+…:disappointed:

Hello! I just recently updated my KW88, how can I install these watchfaces? TiA

@thunder_km that’s strange - it works on all the X series Finow watches…

@CS_10 use @Eric_Crochemore universal launcher

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 some files are not being recognized by my x3+ watch

How are you placing the files in the ClockSkin folder? It has to be written exactly as I have written it here …
Must not contain any zip files.
Each face has to be in it’s own named folder and I suggest keep the file names small and no spaces or dashes etc etc…
Watch should be rebooted each time you add new ones.
You should wipe the launcher cache in settings/apps using settings search or similar from the Play Store.
All this info is in our tech support forum link is in the first post.
Let me know how it goes…

Hi +Di Di could you email me on zappa1.pf@gmail.com ?
I have a great offer I think you would be very interested in :slight_smile:

did all you said it worked😀, thx and sorry for late answer.