Earth & Moon watch face Inspired by picture uploaded by glorious247 I've created animated

Earth & Moon watch face

Inspired by picture uploaded by glorious247 I’ve created animated watch face showing our planet Earth, Moon and something else. Would like to say thank you to Andrew Davis for his endless and unpaid help with the project :wink: Hope you’ll like it.


Unpaid… ???.. D’oh !!!

Looks 110% in CSW… I’ll download to my D5…

Looks even better on my watch :slight_smile:
How did you stop the jump?.. was it something to do with the small satellite?
Great skin…

that is beaustiful:)

I put SatWhite1 back into your new skin… same coordinates and mulrotate as your draft… layered between Earth1 and Comet1… I also set it to counterclockwise (opposite of SatGray…

On CSW no jump… wow… the main thing that I can see is different is the mulrotate of Earth1… draft -3… new skin -1…
What do you think?

@Andrew_Davis to be honest Andrew I just simply gave up and instead of trying to match Earth’s right size - I encased the revolving speed to -1 . Other thing I found is - when you add 4th big ‘wheel’ to the layer - watch struggling with rendering and start loosing its soft movement. That’s why I decided to remove white satellite and leave the comet as more attractive . The last problem was rotating direction. Sometimes it’s different on CSM then on watch itself. On PC things are rotating in right direction but on the watch - opposite way. Carramba! Im very interested how your version working so if you have nothing against - please upload it in here. It’s all about gaining more experience though.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna cheers Sonia - I’m glad you like it. That’s nothing better than to get Moderator’s support :slight_smile: Congratulations!

@Piotr_Blazewicz thanks, your work of you guys is not easy and you do’nt know how much we appreciate that :slight_smile:

@Piotr_Blazewicz that so called something is International Space station

@Emmanuel_N_D_DENLING We know that Emmanuel. You just spoiled the element of surprise haha!

still cool, can you make another one with the sun? :slight_smile: plz? and if you can add steps and HR, PLZ?

Looks amazing

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Not sure about the Sun but I think to put Saturn on the central stage :slight_smile:

that is even better:) i love astronomy.