Droste https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BysDzZ6Uvo9nLUlVWHBWNnltWHM https://www.paypal.me/AndrewSomers Thought I'd better do at least one for August.This is a


Thought I’d better do at least one for August.This is a Droste effect. It should also look OK on those curvature challenged watches.
You can actually get a filter for Gimp to do it, but in this case I got the background image from here: http://greggscameraclub.weebly.com/blog_tonymccann_artistic/clock-droste-effect


Very cool @Andrew_Somers :slight_smile:

Very creative! I wonder what it would look like with people (kinda like walking down a spiral staircase top-down

WoW! so hypnotic :wink:

This being a zip file, I assume this doesn’t run in Watchmaker? How do I load this on an LG Urbane?

It’s for D5 watches and similar. Probably won’t run on urbane. Definitely doesn’t run on watches running Android Wear.

@Julian_C thanks. Now I need to google that and see what a D5 watch is.

@Mr_Paladin A bus and a tram… Betamax and VHS… diesel and petrol… pure android and android wear… :wink:

I’m glad you didn’t say Trump and Clinton… aw crap, I just said it

@Andrew_Davis Just discovered the D6 watch. Seems more practical for reading all the screens, even though I’ve always preferred a round smartwatch.

I also found the square watch,but I don’t like the watch faces.Can I download any other I like .

@Will_Smith There are a LOT of watch faces for the square one, and you can run the round watch faces on it too. It has android 5.1 instead of 4.3 like all the round watches seem to have, and it has twice the RAM and twice storage.