Dropped Kospet hope. Noooooo

Accidentally dropped my watch yesterday. It’s not too noticable but there is a very thin minor crack on the right edge of the screen :frowning:

just write to support and i`m sure they will supply for new one, just last time i was asking for lemfo lemx screen it was half of watch price 50$ so i decided and purchased like new thor 4 pro for 35$ from very unhappy smartwatch user :slight_smile:

Yes - please contact Kospet customer service but I believe replacing the screen is not an easy task.
You may need to return it for repair …
Maybe best to contact the official store or the seller where you purchased it.

https://discourse.fullandroidwatch.com/t/dropped-kospet-hope-noooooo/47323/2?u=darkcloud1 Dear Bumerangas, you are true. Probably, the screen will be expensive, I know because got my phone screen replaced. Excuse me, but actually I’m really interested in your new Thor 4 Pro. I’ve been begging for a long time to get the original FW of that watch because the one what I have made my watch screen almost completely dark (MT6739). Is there a way for you to share this FW in this community? There are many of us who would be really grateful!

with thor 4 pro same situation, just email to service@zeblaze.com and they will give you FW link, they send me link 20mins ago, but scatter file looks like broken, so waiting for new one.

Thank you very much!

You can’t get a Kospet screen from Zeblaze.
Get in touch with Kospet here marketing@kospet.com and tell them we referred you to them for hardware support.

The Thor 4 Pro is Android 5.1 and is not using the 6739 soc. It does not have an amoled screen. It is ips lcd.
I will post the official firmware for it but this is the Kospet section… Not Zeblaze.

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Yep, I know.
It’s confusing right?
Anyway I will remove all the Zeblaze related posts from here and move them to the right place.
If you need this firmware I am happy to send it to you and post it here.
By the way, there are 4 different base versions of the Thor 4 Pro.
I will need to know your current firmware version if I am to post the correct version.

as i know there is just one version of thor 4 pro with android 7.1.1 and just MT6739

I know that there are several versions of this watch. I’m just in a conversation with the factory and they told that there are even two firmware versions for MT6739 and one is responsible for the dark screen. I hope that if they send me the other firmware link, I can shere is with those who have similar problems. Anyway, thank you for your attention and time, dear Pablo 11 and Bumerangas!

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NP have uploaded good firmware with no brightness BUG

Got in contact with Kospet after sales they said it would be about $40 to repair. tbh the crack is right on the edge and not that noticable unless you really try to look. It all works fine, just a bit annoying as it’s my fancy new watch lol

Yeah i’ve been trying to find some tempered glass screen protectors that would fit. I’m starting to think that Kospet didn’t use very good glass on their watches.

Personally, if i can find a tempered or Gorilla Glass, protector that’d be great. I’d also like if someone made ultra thin silicon skins for these watches.

After hearing these reports…
I can’t wear the watch without being nervous i’m going to bump my wrist while walking past something and shattering it.

It’s simply great! I downloaded this FW and it works perfectly. This is what I’ve been searching for since I’m here in this nice community. I’m grateful and happy. Thank you! :smiley:

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I had a protective screen on the watch. it was the impact from the side that cracked the screen so it cracked underneath the protective screen…