Downloading to Smartwatch questions

I have a Lokmat X360 and am having trouble downloading music to the watch. I’ve downloaded Google Play Music to it and can listen to music that way but I’d like to use this feature on the watch GPM has an option to “download” which I assume means to the device it’s on but it doesn’t. I happened to open up the Music App yesterday to see if any of the music downloaded actually did and surprisingly there was but it wasn’t anything I did. How it got there? No fricken clue.

Speaking of downloading, are these watches capable of accepting direct downloads or does it have to be through other means.

I appreciate everyone’s help.


Yes mostly you can download directly to watch ( but not always ) . As for the app you used i suspect it downloaded music while the screen was AWAKE . For any apps to run in the background you need to turn OFF the apps in battery - data saver so they keep running ( and downloading ) in the background . Personally i use drag and drop on my Pc . Its must faster

Thank you Dr Andy!

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Your welcome