Downloading and installing KOSPET faces

I am new to this site and to full android smartwatches and apologize if I am starting a new topic if this already exists. I am computer savvy but don’t understand how to download and install a watchface from this site to my KOSPET Prime watch. I have no problem downloading any of the faces accessible directly from KOSPET, but cant figure how to do the same with watchfaces on this site. I would appreciate any help you can provide. I know there are many on this forum who are experts in this area. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hit our YT channel button and go watch a tutorial. really easy to install


Also try this . Its a video of mine if you are away from your pc


Hi Andy,

Why don’t you use the Clockskin app ?
I have found it so very useful. I transfer Clockskin zip files from PC or Phone via WhatsApp, and inside WhatsApp I open the zip with the Clockskin app. It moved the zip to the correct folder, and sets the new Watchface as active in one simple operation. No watch reboot required either so very fast and smooth process.

I have used it in the past but i must admit i mainly put clockskins on my watches when away from my pc

So do I - I transfer them with WhatsApp from my phone, and then just click the zip - en voilá :ok_hand:
Any Clockskin zip lying around on the watch, no matter how transferred can just be clicked to be installed.
I’m being carried away, but I really think it’s that easy :smiley:

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