Doubledad Red *****

Time, temperature, moon, steps, heart and battery… What more could you want?



Camera shortcut and Google assistant :stuck_out_tongue:
Really nice one, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Désolé @Oliewan, je suis un gars encore plus âgé et je ne fais pas de points de contact…

@Oliewan made the effort to post in engish . If you can kindly do so as as well . Thankyou


So true, I felt I was being nice by responding in his native language.

So, for Dr.Andy:
Sorry @Oliewan , I’m an even older man, but I don’t do touch points

No worries, never mind. I actually answered the “What more could you want?” line :slight_smile:
This Doubledad Red is a nice one :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to what I hope will work with touch points at 9 (camera) and 3(assistant) o’clock
(Never too old to learn)