Don't want anyone else to encounter this,

Don’t want anyone else to encounter this, or find out the hard way that this may be an issue: I am traveling for a few days so I decided to charge my D5 on my Lenovo laptop. I usually use my home made desktop (with USB 3).

Big mistake… The Windows 10 ‘found hardware’ dialog appeared, then a fraction of a second later, a dialog appeared saying that the device had been disconnected, then the found dialog, then the disconnected and so on, again and again. The D5 was reacting in much the same fashion with the connected/disconnected charging indicator. Then ‘blackness’, on the D5. The power button appeared to do nothing.

In all honesty I had pretty much resolved to being the proud owner of a dead D5.

Having disconnected the D5 from the laptop and about ten minutes later the D5 came back to life. (the power level was 76% before the incident and 76% after the incident BTW).

I have no idea what happened, I am confident that the Lenovo is a POS and has been since day one, but as for what was going on with the D5, who knows.

So, in synopsis Lenovo + D5 = bad!

Does anybody have any experience of this, and or, have any suggestions? I didn’t bring an AC USB adapter and when I’m trekking around Europe/Asia I really need to use the laptop so I don’t have to buy a USB with some weird European/Asian adapter.

I have an advice but it will sound weird.
Inside the Micro USB cable you have 4 cables:
Two cables for power(Red and black)
and two cables for the connection(Usually green and white).

If you want to disable the connection between the watch, you can buy a 1$ cable and cut the connection cables(don’t cut the red and black cables, just the other cables) and I think it will solve the problem.

Maybe the problem is that the current that comes from your laptop is not enough for the watch but I don’t believe that.
(Sorry for my English)

@Ido_Aflalo Great idea… and by the way; it worked great! Thanks.